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Brand Spotlights

Frock Shop carefully selects brands we feel a strong connection to. Whether it be the reason behind the company's inception, or cultural and bold reasons, we wanted to share our "why" with you.

Natalie Martin: Understated Glamour - Frock Shop

Natalie Martin: Understated Glamour

Why we love this brand All of the pieces from Natalie Martin are sourced and handmade in Bali. We love that each of the fabrics are carefully selected with the intention of creating effortless and...

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FARM Rio: Authentic Happiness - Frock Shop

FARM Rio: Authentic Happiness

What began as a handful of goods at a local fashion fair booth has grown into one of Brazil’s most recognizable labels for sun-soaked dressing. FARM Rio has helped pave the way for other women in f...

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JENNY BIRD: Intentional Statements - Frock Shop

JENNY BIRD: Intentional Statements

Not only do we love the beautiful pieces of JENNY BIRD, but we love Jenny herself! Her passion for growing a female-led business is bolstered by the brand’s commitment to philanthropy. Jenny direct...

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Aje: Raw & Feminine - Frock Shop

Aje: Raw & Feminine

Australian brand Aje is dedicated to raw beauty, tough femininity and effortless cool - kind of like our fearless leader, and how we want you to feel wearing their pieces. Their signature style is ...

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Maygel Coronel: Columbian Elegance - Frock Shop

Maygel Coronel: Columbian Elegance

Honoring women - that is the brand philosophy that Colombian based Maygel Coronel has created, and a philosophy we strongly value at Frock Shop. Their collection, primarily inspired by Colombian cu...

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STAUD: Playful Classics - Frock Shop

STAUD: Playful Classics

Season after season, we are always awe-struck at the colorful, whimsical designs that the woman-owned STAUD brand showcases. Bringing a blend of elevated play to classic styles, we love the versati...

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Ulla Johnson: Hypnotizing Fashion - Frock Shop

Ulla Johnson: Hypnotizing Fashion

Ulla Johnson's community of unique global artisan's located in places like Peru, Uruguay, India, Kenya, Brazil, Ghana and the Philippines brings a cultural flavor to all their pieces. We love this,...

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Cara Cara: Clothing that sparks joy - Frock Shop

Cara Cara: Clothing that sparks joy

We love women owned brands, but we especially love ones that feel an innate calling to create beautiful pieces of clothing that make women feel special and bold. Cara Cara designs all of their prin...

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Hunter Bell: Local style with flair - Frock Shop

Hunter Bell: Local style with flair

Hunter Bell may have began her line in New York, but we love that she is now local to Houston and knows how to balance her fashion empire with motherhood. We love the surprise detail with a touch o...

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ALÉMAIS: Clothing with a purpose - Frock Shop

ALÉMAIS: Clothing with a purpose

Frock Shop is all about the spirit of adventure, and you see that in the bold colors and patterns that ALÉMAIS encompasses. We believe in the ability to highlight beautiful clothing that preserves ...

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