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Brand Spotlights

Frock Shop carefully selects brands we feel a strong connection to. Whether it be the reason behind the company's inception, or cultural and bold reasons, we wanted to share our "why" with you.

Ulla Johnson: Hypnotizing Fashion

Ulla Johnson Logo

Why we love this brand

Ulla Johnson's community of unique global artisan's located in places like Peru, Uruguay, India, Kenya, Brazil, Ghana and the Philippines brings a cultural flavor to all their pieces. We love this, but the thing we really love is how they inspire women in these countries to create beauty and magic with their own uninhibited flair. You can't help but get hypnotized by their patterns and designs, and as you walk around Frock Shop your eyes will easily gravitate towards an Ulla Johnson piece.

About Ulla Johnson

Born and raised in Manhattan, the daughter of archaeologists, Ulla Johnson honed her signature style between the streets of New York and the far-flung destinations of their family travels. Her eponymous line, founded in 1998 just after her graduation from university, immediately caught the attention of the fashion press. She has never wavered on her steadfast attention to the details of construction that have become her hallmark, basing each of her collections on a foundation of natural fibers, beautiful finishing, and ease of fit and form. 

At Frock Shop we strive to bring you fresh and unique clothing from brands like Ulla Johnson, that drive different fashion perspectives and styles.


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