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Brand Spotlights

Frock Shop carefully selects brands we feel a strong connection to. Whether it be the reason behind the company's inception, or cultural and bold reasons, we wanted to share our "why" with you.

Hunter Bell: Local style with flair

Hunter Bell Logo

Why we love this brand

Hunter Bell may have began her line in New York, but we love that she is now local to Houston and knows how to balance her fashion empire with motherhood. We love the surprise detail with a touch of eccentric flair that brings an everyday item into the spotlight. You'll always find the latest Hunter Bell at Frock Shop because we are in love with her collection each season.

About Hunter Bell

Hunter Bell carries on the tradition of the boutique contemporary brands of the 1990s/Y2K, offering women a full-service wardrobe at once streetwise and whimsical. The story evolves season-to-season, but the attitude doesn’t change—it’s all about clothes that are fun, functional, and feminine, that women all over the world can layer into their lives without breaking stride.

Hunter Bell believes that clothes should inspire delight, and we at Frock Shop couldn't agree more. 


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