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Mixed Chain Crystal Necklace Set

Add a touch of luxury to any outfit with Ettika's Mixed Chain Crystal Necklace Set. Featuring two separate chain layers, this 18kt gold plated set is adorned with sparkling accents for added glamour. The adjustable length of 14"-15" with 5" extenders ensures a perfect fit. Make a statement with this versatile and elegant set.

Care: Safeguard the shine of your jewelry and its plating by refraining from activities that involve immersing it in water, indulging in refreshing showers, partaking in vigorous physical activities, cleansing your hands, or applying fragrant products, moisturizers, or hair care essentials. Your skin pH levels can contribute to a natural and gradual decay in your piece. Stay dry when possible and be sure to clean after use.

Cleaning: Delicately wipe your jewelry with a gentle cloth to remove oils. Avoid the usage of any specific cleaning solutions.Our commitment is to offer you affordable luxury that can be layered effortlessly. It's our hope and intention to help you build your dream jewelry collection and keep it in perfect form. 



    Sale price$80.00
    Color:Clear Crystals
    Mixed Chain Crystal Necklace Set - Frock Shop
    Mixed Chain Crystal Necklace Set Sale price$80.00