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Brand Spotlights

Frock Shop carefully selects brands we feel a strong connection to. Whether it be the reason behind the company's inception, or cultural and bold reasons, we wanted to share our "why" with you.

Lovestrength: Bohemian Chic


Why we love this brand

The combination of love, strength and style is exactly why we adore the Lovestrength brand. Existing somewhere between a vintage Bohemian Parisian market, and a trendy hot-spot, this woman run brand was created for the bohemian soul with stylish sophistication.

About Lovestrength

Wrap yourself in LOVE + STRENGTH, and you will feel the power of who you are. The Lovestrength collection entails high quality, finely crafted leather belts, bold chains and intricate details. Since its launch in 2010, Lovestrength has found its way into the hearts of many, as it embodies not just a signature look, but a way of life. And we are here for it!

Frock Shop appreciates small-batch, hands-on production, and Lovestrength carefully crafts each item so you know it's made with love.

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